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A building on historic ground

An establishment with a rich tradition - Appartement-Hotel an der Riemergasse

Red marble plaque in the entrance hall.
Red marble plaque in the entrance hall.
Master builder Alois Schuhmacher.
Master builder Alois Schuhmacher.

The property and former building at No. 8 Riemergasse were first chronicled back in the year 1457. A storied history shaped this site over the centuries.

Sales, transfers and inheritances - the list of former owners is a long one. Finally, in the year 1714, it came into the hands of the widowed Princess von Esterházy. As Palais Esterházy, it remained in the family for an extended period of time until, in 1816, it was purchased at public auction by Princess Eleonore of Liechtenstein.

After numerous further changes in ownership, the building was torn down in 1903. But in the very same year, construction of a new building began. On a smaller plot of land now, the current, five-storey-high house rose from the ground. In the hallway to the left of the entrance, you can still see the red marble plaque to this day:

The mentioned Alois Schuhmacher was one of the most prominent master builders of the Ringstraße era. In the public realm, in particular, he constructed more than 300 buildings, these including the Gasometer, the Dorotheum, the Water Tower in Favoriten, and many more.

The Otto family acquired this historic building in 1970. Just four years later, it was opened as a guesthouse with 10 apartments. 2007 saw a major renovation phase, involving all of the existing apartments. Barely two years later, the guest lift was updated. But an impressive little side note: We managed to preserve the original turn-of-the-century cabin!

2010 saw us add apartments on the main floor, with all 18 apartments subsequently being renovated in 2012. Aside from refurbishing the apartments and modernizing all of the kitchens, this renovation also focused on the whole topic of sustainability. As a consequence, our hot water is now produced by means of roof-mounted solar panels. The studios on the 5th floor are now also air-conditioned. All other apartments have their own individual air-conditioning units.