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Vienna offers fun and excitement in any weather. Guided tours and programmes especially created for children provide lots of sightseeing fun for young and old.

Time Travel Vienna

In the city centre of Vienna, you can go on a virtual journey through time with "Time Travel Vienna" and discover the history of Vienna. The eight stations are equipped with the latest show and effect technology. A "tour" through the virtual 1,300 m² history experience world in the underground of Vienna takes about 50 minutes.

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Pic Art 3D Museum

Vienna's first 3D TrickArt attraction - the ORIGINAL
Be part of the show - the crazy photo fun in the heart of Vienna. A world of illusions! Suddenly you're facing a dangerous dinosaur, flying through the air on a unicorn, riding the monster wave as a Big Wave surfer or "doing your business" next to a superhero. Show what you are made of - there are no limits to your creativity. The more dramatic and crazy the idea - the more brilliant the result. Call up the model, actor, director and photographer in you! 

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Zoo Schönbrunn

The "oldest zoo in the world" (over 250 years old) has developed over the past decades into one of the most modern and - as many animal lovers say - the most beautiful zoo in the world. More than 600 - in part severely endangered - animal species have found a home and a survival space for their species here.

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Haus of the sea

The House of the Sea shows tropical freshwater and saltwater fish as well as fish from the Mediterranean and native waters. In the Tropical House and Crocodile Park you can see free-flying birds and monkeys, crocodiles and other animals. In the terrarium section you will find poisonous snakes, giant snakes, lizards, leaf-cutter ants and tarantulas. And the adventure aquarium "Surf Reef" allows children to experience the world of tropical fish up close through the "diving helmets" built into the aquarium floor.

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Haus of music

The House of Music is a multimedia world of experience. The acoustic journey ranges from prenatal listening experiences, the development of the human ear and the first musical instruments to the sounds of the cosmos.

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The 'Mozarthaus' Vienna offers you many opportunities to learn more about the life of the musical genius Wolfgang Amadé Mozart! Decide on a guided tour or immerse yourself in the world of Mozart with a workshop. The children's audio guide and the riddle rally will also make your visit to Mozarthaus Vienna an exciting experience.

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"Kaiserkinder" offers guided tours of Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg especially designed for children. After the tours through the state rooms, dresses and costumes can be tried on.

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Museum of Natural History

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking diversity of nature: from insects to precious stones and minerals to pterosaurs, you will gain fascinating insights into the history of our planet under this roof near the Hofburg. Numerous stuffed specimens of already extinct or extremely endangered species lend immeasurable value to the collection.

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Technical Museum

The Technical Museum Vienna is a world of its own. Many interactive objects based on the principle "cause - effect" make technology tangible and literally "tangible". This is fun! And then off to the "Mini" and "Mini Mobil" adventure areas for children!

The multimedia presentation with numerous experiments makes the visit an experience for all senses. A high-voltage demonstration reveals the secret of charges, currents and electromagnetic fields. One is amazed by lightning and hair standing on end. In the basement there is even a mine built true to the original.

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ZOOM – The children´s museum

In the ZOOM children's museum you can ask, touch, explore, feel and play as you please. Here children explore the world with all their senses. But also their adult companions are welcome and can actively participate in the programmes.

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Marionetten theatre

In the aulic council wing of Schönbrunn Palace the marionettes dance for you. Small wooden dreams, to which the players lend grace and soul for a short time, bring a world of fantasy, drama and art to life.

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Butterfly house

In the centre of Vienna you will find a unique, tropical oasis of peace and relaxation: the Butterfly House. In one of the most magnificent art nouveau buildings in the world, you will enter a fantastic world dedicated to the most delicate and colourful animals - the butterflies. 

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Museum of illusions

Holograms, stereograms and optical illusions await the whole family in this extraordinary museum.

Over 70 exhibits provide new dimensions of perception. In the interactive museum you can defy gravity in an inclined room, watch other visitors grow and shrink, lose the ground under your feet in the vortex tunnel (rotating cylinder), serve a visitor's head on a tray or take a photo in an infinite space. 

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Madame Tussauds

69 wax figures can be seen at Madame Tussauds on Riesenradplatz in the Vienna Prater. Emperor Franz Joseph and his Sisi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Falco, Maria Theresa or Gustav Klimt are just some of the local personalities and historical figures you will meet there. In specially created interactive settings, you can also compete against Albert Einstein in an intelligence test or conduct the Danube Waltz with Johann Strauss. 

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Transport museum remise

In 2014, the new transport museum of the Wiener Linien was built in the former remise Erdberg. It shows historical and modern vehicles and offers interactive insights into Vienna's public transport. 

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Visitor World at Vienna Airport

The World of visitors at Vienna Airport offers aviation enthusiasts, children and families an exciting insight into the hustle and bustle at the airport. By means of multimedia installations, visitors experience a flight from the cockpit perspective, learn the path of the suitcase and view the airport from the virtual view of an air traffic controller at the tower. Finally, from the visitor's terrace, visitors can enjoy the extensive 180-degree view of the airport grounds. tower.  

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